Sunday, March 1, 2009

Venti's Cafe and Brown's - Quick update

Brown's has 6 Ninkasi taps. Sleigh'r is still on. Didn't find out who's out. Probably Tricerahops. The new seasonal, Spring Reign, is flowing, too. At the Oregonian, John Foyston has a poster for "Spring Loaded." I bet that label didn't fly! I like the desription there better too:
Spring Reign- Spring forward with this new ale! Biscuit malt provides a rich toasty malt note upfront that is balanced with bright hoppy noted [sic] from American hops. It is like a British Pale with American hops. Simcoe, Santiam, and Ahtanum hops round out the aroma and flavor. 6% alc./vol. 38 ibus.
PBR is also on tap and the 8th handle was out.

And At Venti's
California Cider Company ACE Apple Cider
Ninkasi Tricerahops had just blown
Rogue Dead Guy Ale
New Belgian Mighty Pale Ale

A Calapooia IPA - but not RIParian IPA...didn't get the full name
Mt. Shasta Weed Lemurian Lager
Bear Republic Hot Rod Rye


  1. Any idea what the Hot Rod Rye at Venti's is like? I've never tried a beer called rye.

  2. I'm a goof. The beer - I stumble over the puns all the time, so for the record, I mistyped the beer name, and it is Hop Rod Rye rather than Hot Rod Rye! - has only 20% rye in the malt, and is rated at 90 IBUs. It's pretty hoppy, and personally I find that its hoppiness overwhelms any difference that the rye might make. I wish it were more subtle - but anything named after a hot rod isn't going to be subtle, right?

    If you really want to learn about rye malts, rye whisky can be a better place to note the difference, and I find a grassy, spicy character in rye whisky - almost like Sauvignon Blanc to Bourbon's richer Cabernet Sauvignon.