Saturday, January 29, 2011

Not-Very-Beery Fest at Fairgrounds; Henry's Advertises Malt Tea

The Oregon Wine, Food & Brew Festival was this weekend.

In truth, it didn't look so very interesting. The order seemed to matter; beer was kindofa a throw-in, and purely from a beer standpoint it wasn't a must.

Still, four breweries and one distributor were represented:If you went and learned what Maletis was pouring, let us know!

So instead of the festival, how about an old beer ad?

Henry's, it turns out, advertised in Salem. This ad is from January, 1911, exactly a century ago.

You might recognize the "brewery blocks." This appears to be on the back side, and the intersection is 12th and Couch, with 12th having the rails. On the far side of the block, not really visible, is Burnside. The central block, with the largest tower, is the current site of Whole Foods. The block on the left, then, is the site of Henry's 12th Street Tavern and other retail storefronts. This image, taken from the center of the intersection, shows that left-side block today.

Note the malt tea!

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