Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Forget Cinco de Mayo, Toast Tabitha Brown!

The weather's fine, and you know you want a reason to pour a frosty beer.

How about a toast for "the Mother of Oregon," Tabitha Brown (1 May 1780 - 4 May 1858).

Of the 158 names inscribed on the Capitol Chambers, there are the names of six women, including hers.

A pioneer of 1846, she's buried in the Salem Pioneer Cemetery. Her descendents number among the Bush, Pringle, and Ohmart families. She was one of the founders of Pacific University in Forest Grove.

Jean Ward writes that her headstone bears the inscription:
Mother Symbol of Oregon, Co-Founder of Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon.
We'll try to visit with a cold one ourselves...


  1. Ha! Nope. Bet you just might be able to, though!

  2. Marie Aioe Dorion, Abigal Scott Duniway, Frances Fuller Victor, Sacajawea, and Narcissa Whitman.