Sunday, July 31, 2011

Drink Up, Salem - That's 24 Taps!

Forget barn-raising, we've got a bar-raising! The Venti's Taphouse opens later this week. The construction is wrapping up and they are elevating the standard - for themselves and for everybody else.

There's no better summer news for Salemites who love beer.

And to celebrate? We repeat a suggestion from a little over a year ago:

Brewers, someone should brew an homage to Salem beer! Beck's Bock, Adolph Doppelbock, or Klinger Kolsch beckon! Salem Beer would make a great brand, too!

Another homage that should happen: Someone should brew a doppelbock for Venti's! They're Italian, the Paulaner monks were from Italy, there are tons of puns available to them on "bock."

Even better, the German naming convention uses the suffix -ator, like Celebrator, Salvator, it's obvious: Salem needs a Ventilator beer!

Waiter, I need a Ventilator, stat!

So, you about a Ventilator?

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