Monday, September 26, 2011

La Cap offers Francophonic, Polyglottal Oktoberfest

La Capitale isn't enough of a pure beer play to get much time here at CT. It's not essentially a bar or pub, even though we find the bar quite attractive, much more so in fact than the dining room.

But they do have some good taps - and right now looks like an especially good time to visit for beer!

They're doing Oktoberfest in a very nice way, with "garlic sausage, braised apples and cabbage, frites, and three mustards." Yum!

Even better: Yummy German beers! Spaten Optimator, Weihenstephaner Weissbier, and the extra-special house brew, the Capitulator.* Too bad the weather turned, 'cuz Weissbiers are glorious in the heat.

Optimator's a Doppelbock, a sturdier brew, for dark and cold and Lent, but it's also owned by inBev, the parent of Bud, and perhaps not quite so interesting as other Doppelbocks.

Weihenstephan is a classic, on the other hand, and from a brewery of great antiquity. So the beer selection and food together is a cut above what you might find in Mt. Angel!

If you wanted to check out some German beers, submitting to the curatorial guidance of the crew at La Cap looks like an excellent way to go.


* OK, we made that up. But like the Ventilator, Salem needs a Capitulator.

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