Friday, May 22, 2009

Full Sail LTD 3 & Honest Pint Update

The Full Sail LTD series of lagers is in many ways my favorite line of beer. They are full-flavored, easy-drinking, and mildly hopped by northwest standards. I love them. While they don't necessarily satisfy any cravings for novelty or sophistication, they requite my longing for reliable comfort. These are the beers I want to drink day-after-day.

Full Sail just announced a new member, LTD 3! A pilsner! Prost!

The most satisfying recent beer was a Full Sail Keelhauler, a scotch ale that was part of their Brewmaster's Reserve Series. It was malty, but never sugary; the toasty sweetness of malt was perfectly balanced with spicy hops. It was really satisfying. Even elegant.

Also, the Honest Pint Act finally has a hearing scheduled! Thursday, May 28, at 1pm, in hearing room B. At the same hearing are bills for light rail greeters, olive oil labeling, and fireworks displays. I guess that gives you a sense for its relative importance...

It's going to be a beautiful weekend again! Go drink beer! - and be responsible. It is Memorial Day.

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