Friday, September 4, 2009

NY Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof Once Wrote about Beer

Sometimes when you're researching other matters, the darndest stuff shows up. I wasn't willing to spend too much time researching and verifying this, so maybe I'm off base here. But the New York Times columnist and human rights advocate Nicholas Kristof grew up in Yamhill, Oregon. I can't imagine that there are two journalists named Nicholas Kristof! So until someone tells me I'm wrong, I'm going to present this as an early article Kristof wrote before joining the Times in 1984. It is from August, 1979.


  1. Cool. Thanks for digging this out. I admire Kristof -- I just wish he would take me along on his Africa trips as a young reporter. Alas, I am already too old to be picked.

  2. That trip program he runs is pretty grand. Found a bit more that makes the ID even more secure in my opinion. From this Harvard Crimson profile:

    'As a high-schooler, Kristof contributed stories to the local McMinnville News-Register. He gained the nickname “Chore Boy”—after the copper and steel scouring pad—according to Lance Robertson, a reporter for the News-Register at the time. Robertson says that Kristof’s writing astounded other staffers there.

    '“Here was this high-school student who was out-writing all of us,” he recalls. “Even as a high-school student, he was far ahead of everybody else.”'

    He graduated from Harvard in '81, and I bet he spent one or more summers writing for the Statesman. He was 20 when this piece was published.