Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Taps at Venti's

At the Ventiblog, JR has a detailed series of posts going on what they've been pouring. As a snapshot of the Salem beer geek market, it's illuminating. JR divides the taps into four classes:
1. a crisp / clean lagers [Kölsch, Pilsner, Bock] or a thirst-quenching Golden or Pale Ales
2. an amber / red or brown ale, porter, or stout; typically, malty
3. an India Pale Ale
4. a Double IPA, an Imperial Stout, or a Strong Ale
and then lists for July and August the number of beers in each category.

By this count, over these two summer months, the hottest of the year, only 20% of the beer poured at Venti's has been in the first class of "crisp, clean, or thirst-quenching" beers. 25% have been in the second class of malty beers, 8% were IPAs, and an astonishing 48% were "double, imperial, or strong" ales.

During the peak of summer, about three-quarters of the beer at Venti's was winter beer from the second and fourth types!

Capital Taps thinks that's nuts. But I guess that's what the market demands. Still, it's a little disappointing that it wasn't until just this week that a witbier came on. At least it's sunny and warm just now!

But this is nitpicking. Thank you Venti's for the thought & care you put into beer.


  1. The aforementioned 'JR', here.

    My favorite beer is Pilsner / Pilsener. In July/August, Venti's offered 3; Caldera, Seven Brides, and Trumer Pils. They sold nicely; particularly, the Caldera - Pilsener Bier. Expect more pilsners; particularly, next Spring and Summer.

    RE: Oktoberfest
    In recognition of the marriage of Crown Prince [later King] Ludwig I of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, Ayinger Märzen lager will be offered at Venti's soon.

    The Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen lager is a well respected beer. One of the beeradvocate.com founders gave it a good review
    The consensus rating is B+ [very good] based on 490 reviews.

  2. Oh dear...I think I've got some initials and identities confused? Thanks for the clarification - and for the info about the Ayinger!

  3. Further, two Ninkasi summer beers await an appropriate Venti's tap: 'Maltease' Golden Ale; ~25 IBU / 4.8% ABV; and 'Nugg E Fresh' Red Ale; 35 IBUs / 5.8% ABV.

    And, seeking a keg of pilsner.

  4. 'Maltease' Golden Ale; ~25 IBU / 4.8% ABV is available from yesterday, 01 Oct 2009 - while supply last.

    'Nugg E Fresh' Red Ale; 35 IBUs / 5.8% ABV is available this afternoon; 02 Oct 2009 - while supply last.

    Ayinger Oktober Fest-Marzen [ Märzen ]; 21 IBUs /5.8% ABV is available from this afternoon- while supply last.