Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beer and the Fragility of Old Media: Change at the Statesman & Oregonian

You know we love beer, here at CT. And while we use new media, we also love old media. It's great to see the Ram's seasonal get some coverage in the Statesman.

But on the same day as the Oregonian is whacking a substantial part of their newsroom, coming after at least two rounds of buy-outs, it's a bit alarming to see the pint get the high-quality front page real estate as if the piece was legitimate news, something more than a repurposed press release.

The change in old-media is old news. Still, as the good professor says at the Oregon Economics Blog, the continuing degradation of the fourth estate should be a cause for alarm for all of us.

A toast to good journalists who have lost their jobs, and to all the jobless in the Great Recession. This change is no fun.

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