Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Brewery Preview: These Mavericks offer Big Beer, not Big Basketball

Tired of the Dallas Mavericks? Them and LeBron, they're so yesterday. So how about David's Mavericks!

The Salem beeriverse is getting bigger, and there's a new brewery just about ready to launch.

David's Mavericks will be in north downtown focusing on big beers. They list Reconciliation Red, Prefunk Porter, and The Diplomat IPA. Apparently they wanted to brew "imperial" versions of each, but cannot do so:
Since our inception, state licensing restrictions have forced us to change our beer styles...
Discouraging yes, frustrating certainly; but we see this as an obstacle not a show stopper and we certainly will not let this stop us from doing what we set out to do. For the interim we'll remain Diplomatic and Reconcile with the regulators. We'll share with you a Prefunk, of what's to come, by bringing you the best 6.0 abv beers. I'm sure you'll enjoy our current lineup and with your support we'll find deliverance; eventually bringing you our select monster ales.
This is a little strange, as plenty of Oregon brewers seem to be able to brew above 6.0% abv, but perhaps there is some regulatory wrinkle unknown to us. (Hopefully we can get more and update the story.)

The target audience for Mavericks beer seems to be fans of Tennessee sour mash more than Belgian sour ale, NASCAR more than electric car. The brand vibe, as you can probably tell, is very guy: "monster ales," "big beers," and trucks. The beers aren't brewed just with love, they're brewed with testosterone!

Good luck Mavericks. May you win, too!


  1. We are making one last go at it. Check us out at mavericksbrewing.com. While you're there click on the front page link for a little info on what we are up to. Thanks!

  2. They're looking for support, help them out at their KickStarter project!