Monday, January 9, 2012

Avoid Flat Beer; Make Sure your Pint is Sharp and True on Wednesday

Though the liquor sellers might want to you have a circle of fifths, a round of pints is so much friendlier!

U Think, Willamette University's successor to Science Pub, returns to Brown's Towne Lounge this Wednesday at 6:30pm.

The topic is "The Musical Brain."
“We’ll explore how we evolved the ability to perceive music, art and beauty. This short talk will consider the physics of sound, the mechanism of hearing, the process of cognition, the building blocks of music and the way they work together to move us to tears or elevate us to ecstasy,” said Grant Linsell, director of the university’s Wind and Percussion Program.
Widmer and Gilgamesh at Ventis

Don't like music? No problem. Also on Wednesday, starting at 6pm is a Widmer party at Venti's.

Two of the main attractions will be the W12 series Dark Saison and Brrrbon, the Imperial Barrel Aged Brrr. Yum, yum!

(On the 23rd is also a beer dinner with Gilgamesh - menu here.)

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