Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Bottle Shop Downtown May open in Time for Beer Month!

Though it may be news to some of you, for many it's already old news that a new bottle shop looks to open soon in downtown.

Nick Lopez who has manned the taps at Venti's and helped Gilgamesh launch the lounge, soon will have his own gig: Franklin's Bottle Shop!

They'll be located in the Electric Apartments.

It was built about 1920 for use as the local headquarters of the Portland Railway, Light and Power Company.

During the roaring 20s they often advertised for bond and stock sales.

"The land is rich with grain and fruit and produce of every kind...will you find yourself ready to enjoy some of the comforts of life?"

We think beer is an excellent comfort! - and a humorous, if slight, link by the ad to the former principal tenants of the building.

July is Oregon Craft Beer Month and the shop may be open in time to celebrate it!

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