Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Puzzle? Three old Safeways!

Here are three nearly identical buildings in Salem. It seems pretty clear they were built about the same time and for the same firm. Can you identify the locations? (One of them is super easy! But the other two might be a little more difficult.)

Do you know of any others in town?

We'll be back with answers later!

(Thanks to RC for many of the details and connections!)


  1. Is the first one Capital Market? And of course the third is on Broadway. :)

  2. One of them might have something to do with beer...

  3. Not many takers! Shoot. Well, we know we dig around an obscure corner of the world.

    Stephanie, you are right! It is the Capital Market on the corner of 14th and State. As Ann suggested, the market has quite a bit of beer for sale!

    The third one is on Broadway, kitty-corner from Salem Cinema.

    We'll postpone comment on the second, and perhaps someone will venture a guess. This weekend might have been a good time to pass by the building...