Thursday, July 12, 2012

Go say Hi to Fred!

There are few who get a beer named after them. Fred Eckhardt has more than one of them!

Hair of the Dog has honored Fred in several versions of Fred. As part of their 30th anniversary, Sierra Nevada brewed a special beer. Two years ago it was on tap at Venti's. He's even got a festival, the Fredfest. Yup, he's a big deal.

And  tonight he'll be at Mission Mill.

Go say hi to Fred!

From the Mill:
History Pub at The Mill: Beer Heritage of Oregon
5:30 July 12th,“Tao of Oregon’s Beer Guru”
Fred Eckhardt, Oregon Beer Publicist with John Foyston, Oregonian Beer Reporter

Fred Eckhardt, former Oregonian beer columnist and author of The Essentials of Beer Style, can be credited with being the driving force behind Oregon’s microbrew revolution. Current Oregonian Beer Reporter John Foyston will have unscripted, free-wheeling and entertaining conversation with Fred about his half-century career as a nationally-known a beer writer, historian, critic and guru.

Part of History Pub at The Mill Series--Sponsored in part by McMenamins Pub & Breweries and Law Offices of Ryan W. Collier
5:30, Thursday Evenings, July 12th through August 9th
Come raise a mug and listen to tales about those who brewed it, fought it, campaigned for it, picked hopes for it, and sold it, both legally and illegally. The WHC History Pub presentations will explore the various aspect of Oregon’s beer heritage.

$3 members, $5 non-members. McMenamins Beer will be available.

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