Monday, March 29, 2010

Fred Eckhardt - Revered by Hair of the Dog and Sierra Nevada - on Tap at Ventis

There are few who get a beer named after them. Even fewer who are honored by a regular, core brew. Fred Eckhardt is one of them.

Hair of the Dog's tribute to Fred is still on tap at Ventis. That's insane! Go have one!

Hair of the Dog isn't the only brewery to honor Fred. As part of their 30th anniversary, Sierra Nevada will be brewing one. In May the beer that honors Fred should be available.

In the meantime, I've heard rumors that bottles of "Fritz & Ken's Ale" might be available now at Ventis. Brewpublic has some thoughts on it. (Fritz Maytag's pretty great too, but that's another post!)

Go tip a pint to a brewing pioneer, a man all lovers of good beer should also revere.

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