Friday, March 19, 2010

Cheese + Beer = Cheese Bar!

Steve Jones is the bestest cheese-monger/affineur! He used to operate Steve's Cheese in northwest Portland, but he just relocated into a bigger space, the Cheese Bar!

How scrumptious does that sound?!

The Oregonian's got an article today on the new space.

According to the O, it will feature beer!
At the newly opened Cheese Bar, Jones' fermentation fetish reaches into new territory with more than 50 brews and several wines. In addition to cheese plates and salami boards, there are sandwiches, salads and seasonal cazuelas -- warm dishes right out of the oven. Pull up a stool next to Steve, order a brew and contemplate the tasty world of curds and whey and hops.
About the beers Steve himself says,
Yes, Cheese Bar is certainly more beer-driven than wine. I prefer lower alcohol beers that don't put you under the table after two pints, and there are so many great ones out there, like the Daily Bread Common Ale from Everybody's Brewing in White Salmon, Wash. We'll offer small glasses for the light drinkers, and of course we'll carry some of the serious beers too.

Since we've opened, I love watching people buy a beer, walk over to the cheese case and ponder a cheese to go with it. It's my dream.
Steve's Cheese was co-located inside a wine shop, so that's one of the reasons the writer focuses on the question of beer vs. wine.

If you like cheese, next time you visit Portland, the Cheese Bar will be a "three-star" destination for you! According to the article, he'll even reimburse your bus fare if you take trimet!

(Yummy Appleby's Cheshire, Colston Bassett Stilton, and Lincolnshire Poacher, with fig chutney and crostini - from The Oregonian)

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