Monday, July 9, 2012

Clockworks to Serve Beer?! Science Pub, Santiam, too.

Little birds report Clockworks has applied for a limited liquor license.

Steam beer could join steam punk!

Science Pub is this Wednesday at Brown's Towne!
Few people realize there is a pod of about 70 gray whales that spends the summer off the Pacific Northwest coast. These whales winter in the waters around Baja, but opt to cut short their summer migration to Alaska in favor of spending the season in Oregon waters. At this Science Pub, professor and researcher Carrie Newell will reveal what compels these whales to return to and remain in Oregon waters summer after summer. Newell will also share detailed insight into individual whales’ personalities, habits and diet, as well as explain the research scientists are conducting to record and preserve the pod.
And at long last Santiam Brewing opened shop. Looks like they'll be open again on Thursday and Saturday. Hours are limited, so check twitter and facebook for the latest.

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