Friday, August 10, 2012

Mystery of Downtown Alley Arches Revealed! Plus Venti's Taphouse Turns One

In our notes about the Bligh Hotel and Theater and architect Louis Hazeltine, we wondered about the arches in the alleyway.

Next week the Historic Landmarks Commission will consider an application to demolish one of them, and the staff report seems to have the answer!

The arches seem to have been installed in 1986/87 as part of a streetscape and beautification scheme, "Alley Pedestrian Improvements."

The one between the Grand Theater and Book Bin is the only one being considered for removal at this time. The arches are of no great antiquity, and understandably staff aren't terribly concerned about their removal.

We would add that while the downtown historic district considers the Book Bin building an "historic non-contributing" resource, the building was designed by Fred Legg, and perhaps merits more esteem than hitherto it has enjoyed.

Franklin's Open

If you've been downtown you'll have noticed that Franklin's Bottleshop has opened! Over at Eat Salem, Kristi's got some notes and photos from opening week.

It sounds and looks promising, but the Office Lunchroom Utilitarian Chic decor needs to go!

Venti's Cafe and Taphouse is One!

Saturday: Raffles, prizes, special beer, swag...just go!

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  1. That's interesting about the alley arches. I never would've guessed they were such a recent addition.