Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Knighton's Supreme Court building to be Nominated?

W.C. Knighton Drawing, UO Library
and Pacific Coast Architect, May 1912

On February 27th, 1914, the Oregon Supreme Court building was dedicated. It's the oldest building on the Capitol Mall.

In time for its 100th anniversary, it looks like it may be nominated to the National Register of Historic Places!

Tomorrow night at the Historic Landmarks Commission, Commissioners will hear and discuss prospects for a nomination.

The building, designed by William C. Knighton, is almost certainly the most distinguished in Salem not yet in an historic district or with its own listing. This is actually something of an oversight, and we are hopeful for the correction!

(For our Knighton notes see here.  SHINE has a photo taken from the old Capitol during construction.)

Maybe this will also draw more attention to the years just before the first World War.  Several important commercial and institutional buildings were planned and constructed during this period:  The Dome Building (Recieving Ward) at the State Hospital, the Masonic Building, the Boise Building, the Hubbard Building, the Carnegie Library - and the Union Street Railroad Bridge.  Homes, too, like the Cusick house and lots of others we don't know about.  It seems like Salem enjoyed prosperity and a building boom in the early 19-teens, and more on this would be welcome. 

Library, Pacific Coast Architect, Jan 1913

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