Monday, January 26, 2009

Boon's Treasury

There might be no more historic place to tip a pint than Boon's Treasury. John D. Boon (1817-1864) had been a Methodist Minister, and was involved with the Willamette Mission. He built the store in 1860, after he'd been in Oregon for 15 years. One of his obituaries notes:
For the last twelve or thirteen years of his life he lived in North Salem, on what is known as Boon's Island, where he kept a country store. This was the favorite trading place of many an old fashoned dame, who could never be induced to leave his unpretending shop, for that of any of his more spruce and modern neighbors. From 1851 to September 1862, he was the Territorial and State Treasurer of Oregon, and kept the keys of her strong box with faithfulness and fidelity. During those long eleven years, no man ever whispered a doubt of his integrity, and at the expiration of the term he gave up the office with clear hands, and without an ill gotten penny. Peace to his ashes!
More soberly, the the Salem Public Library Historic Photograph Collections says
The owner, Judge John D. Boon, came to Oregon in 1845. He was also involved with the founding of Willamette University, the Pacific Telegraph Company and the Oregon-California Railroad. He was elected Territorial Treasurer in 1853 and was the first State Treasurer; it is possible that this store was used as the Treasury office.

Other uses have been as a dry goods store run by William Lincoln Wade from circa 1870 to the early 1900's, a part of the Larmer warehouse after 1910, and Karr's Tavern after 1935. Mr. Karr used marble from the Oregon State Capitol which burned in 1935 for part of his bar….The building occupies a historically important site near the junction of Broadway & High Streets. A historic marker across the street from the back of the building marks the location of where the first saw and grist mills were built on Mill Creek in 1841 and the settlement which became Salem began. The Boon Brick Store was placed on the Historic Register of Historic Places in 1975.

Boon's obituary and burial record at the Pioneer Cemetery. His gravestone.

Panoramic shot of Mill Creek area with Boon's building circa 1880s. Be sure to zoom in!

Boon's building about the same time or a little later.

The building in 1940.

And in 1992.

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