Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sesquicentennial Brews

Only slightly less important than the Superbowl is the Sesquicentennial - or Oregon150, as the marketers have helpfully clarified and branded. On February 14, 2009, Oregon will be 150 years old.

"Seski" the Sasquatch presides over the celebration, and Seski even has its own blog, Seski's Goings On. (Seski blogs like Russian is its mother tongue - no articles - some commentary on Russian fur traders???)
My name Seski. I was born in Oregon woods in 1859, same year as Oregon became state. Can you believe? Our birthdays, same. Now I have 150 birthday. We celebrate together. Adults have Pinot Noir and marionberry juice for kids. And cake. I like cake....

Throughout years, put hairy hand into many of Oregon’s accomplish. I help Blazers win 77’ champion. I cause Mount St. Helens erupt because I use it for hot tub. You enjoy microbrews? My invention. I like them.
Seski must be the Ur-Rogue, as Rogue Ales secured the exclusive rights to the official Sesquicentennial Ale and will release it on February 14th.

Over at Beervana Jeff Alworth argues that every local brewery should brew a sesquicentennial beer, and cites the Brew Site, who suggests that Deschutes is already on it with two beers from 100% Oregon ingredients. I hope Thompson's does one as the Capital's only craft brewery.

Alworth writes
A hundred and fifty years ago, beer was wholly local. It was the pre-refrigeration era, so you had to get your beer fresh. Oregon already had a number of tiny breweries, and the number would jump to the dozens around the time of statehood. Mostly they were run by German immigrants who had come West with the pioneers to make their fortune. And of course, most of them are lost to the mists of time.

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