Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Pepper & Willamette Valley as Oil Field

Blue Pepper has a lovely bar area in the back - but only bottle sales! It's a nice group of beers, though, with some Ninkasi, Leinenkugels, and even some Belgian ales.

[Leinenkugels is an old German brewery from Wisconsin, now owned by MolsonCoors - a venerable brand, it holds a place in the Midwest much like Henry's does here (originally purchased by Miller, too).]

Blue Pepper is in the South First National Bank Block, next to the Starkey-McCully Building of 1867/68, and across from the South Eldridge Block of Greenbaum's.

Worth a more detailed review of their bottled beers!

Also, exactly 100 years ago, on Feb 13, 1909: "Oil City to be Salem's Neighbor." I guess some folks had visions oil strikes around here. Not sure how long it took for the idea to peter out...anyone? I probably won't chase this down. I do wonder where the town was platted, though - might check sometime at the County.

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