Monday, February 9, 2009

Sesquicentennial Week - 100 Years Ago

So what was going on in Salem 100 years ago this week? Here's what a couple of businesses were advertising!
When you are dry
A pure and wholesome beverage that is sold in all the cities of Western Oregon and Northern California.
Made of the Choicest Malt and Hops Grown in Marion County
Made of Filtered Water and strictly in accordance with the Pure Food Law. Salem Beer is the best mild beverage offered the public.
Made by scientific processes and guaranteed pure and wholesome.
No adulteration. No drugs or chemicals and under the most perfect sanitary conditions. Address all orders to
Salem Brewery Association

Apparently there was also plenty of opium. This online history of Salem's Chinatown is largely a pastiche of Ben Maxwell's piece in Marion County History, Volume 7, and it's not the most rigorous of scholarship. Nevertheless it suggests that
Since most Chinese immigrants were male, social clubs for the Chinese to preserve a feeling of their culture away from their homeland were important, leisure time was spent at these social clubs or imbibing in gambling or opium.
Dr. Kum's ad was in the Statesman, a paper not aimed at Chinese. So who was using the opium???

The ad reads: The Opium Evil is more deadly and causes more misery than war or pestilence.
Dr. Kum & Co. cures the habit and eliminates the poison from the system without suffering.
Thousands of people know Dr. Kum, who has resided in Salem for 20 years, and of his wonderful Oriental Medicines for all kinds of chronic diseases. He has been marvelously successful in treating these cases. Dr. Kum, now makes a specialty of the drug and drink habits, no matter how long or how much.
A Permanent Cure is guaranteed or no money accepted. Patients cured in two or three days, no pains or aches. He promises absolute secrecy if desired. For further particulars, phone 1647.
Dr. Kum & Co., 167 High Street, Phone 981.

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