Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Venti's Cafe

Got a new source for the history! The building's owner has a document, "History of the Pearce Building." Some of the information the city has online is not correct, it seems:
The Pearce Building, as it is now known, was built in 1940 on the site of the old brick and mortar R.M. Wade & Company (later Wade & Pearce), which had burned down in 1939....

The rebuild is a basement plus two-story, Art Moderne style structure made from reinforced concrete with wood frame beams salvaged from the original Wade & Pearce Building, with a back wall and some interior brick pillars remaining from the original 1865 farm machinery warehouse.
No word on how the two eastern bays, 321 and 325 Court, a separate building orignally, were incorporated into the whole.
There are also tunnels! But apparently the city bricked them off. Maybe there's some Shanghaiing stories! Or ghosts anyway.

Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA
California Cider Company Ace Perry Cider
Oregon Trail Ginseng Porter
Empty Tap

Block 15 Alpha IPA
Oregon Trail Smoke Signal
Bear Republic Red Rocket

italics signify new taps

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