Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beer Poetry - Someone Else Does it Better - and a Poet Laureate

We haven't been doing as much beer poetry this month as we expected. Correspondent RC tipped us off to somebody who's done more and done it better!

Over at the Brookston Beer Bulletin, Bay Area beer writer and blogger Jay Brooks has collected a bunch of beer poems! Head on over to read the good stuff.

One of the highlights is
Doh, Re, Me, by Homer Simpson

Dough, the stuff that buys me beer.
Ray, the guy who brings me beer.
Me, the guy who drinks the beer.
Far, a long way to get beer.
So, I’ll have another beer.
La, I’ll have another beer.
Tea, no thanks I’m having beer.
That will bring us back to…
(reaching the crescendo of his toast,
Homer looks into his beer mug,
which is empty) …DOH!!!

More seriously, Paulann Petersen was named Oregon's Poet Laureate. Here's one of her poems. It's not about beer, but in spirit it's close enough. Prost!

Pale gold and crumbling with crust
mottled dark, almost bronze,
pieces of honeycomb lie on a plate.
Flecked with the pale paper
of hive, their hexagonal cells
leak into the deepening pool
of amber. On your lips,
against palate, tooth and tongue,
the viscous sugar squeezes
from its chambers, sears sweetness
into your throat until you chew
pulp and wax from a blue city
of bees. Between your teeth
is the blown flower and the flower's
seed. Passport pages stamped
and turning. Death's officious hum.
Both the candle and its anther
of flame. Your own yellow hunger.
Never say you can't take
this world into your mouth.
(From the July 2001 Issue of Poetry)

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