Thursday, April 22, 2010

Oregon Garden Cagematch: Tea vs. Chili at Brewfest!

The Oregon Garden Brewfest is this weekend. And the biggest question is whether veteran Calapooia's Chili Beer or upstart Gilgamesh's "Black Mamba" will take home the prize!

Check out the list of breweries here. (They don't appear to have a separate list of beers.)

Update: Over at the Ventiblog, Jack's listed all of them as well as indicated which Venti's has poured recently! Nice work. This year's offerings look more interesting than last year's.

(Here's info on last year's Brewfest.)

Gilgamesh and Block 15 win at Spring Beer Fest

Earlier this month Beervana and Vegan's Nightmare had the news on the Spring Beer Fest People's Choice Winners:
The 2010 Peoples Choice for beers goes to Gilgamesh Brewing in Salem with "Black Mamba", upsetting Bitter Bitch, which came in second after a long run at the top. Block 15 placed third with Pappy's Dark.

Thanks to all who voted for their favorite beer and the 12,000 attendees that made the festival a success!
(Beervana has notes on Gilgamesh and Block 15 here.)

Oh yeah, forgot about Jared's Gilgamesh serendipity and tasting!


  1. I picked up hardcopies of the Oregon Garden Brewfest - 2010 Taster's Guide at McMenamins Thompson Brewery & Public House.

    Most breweries have two beer; several exemplary brewers of Belgian ales and Czech pilsener have a single offering.

    If I transcribe the list, I will get back to you.

  2. CP, I transcribed and posted the list of OG Brewfest's beers.


    Interestingly, 28 of the 74 beers offered at the brewfest have been purveyed by Venti's in the past 10 or 11 months.

    Venti's is effectively a serial, continuing brewfest.

  3. Gilgamesh Brewing is happy to report that our Black Mamba took the Peoples' Choice Award! Calapooia's Chili Beer and many other beers were very tasty too! What a great year!