Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Belgian Ranger in Town; Anchor & Gilgamesh News

Fat Tire isn't a very exciting beer - but you have to love New Belgium's marketing. The only thing is, I'm not sure I'd be rockin' the Boy Scout/Ranger image too much just now...Still, it's kinda funny, and the retro look is pretty grand.

Anyway, we are talking about an adult beverage.

Tomorrow at Venti's, New Belgium reps will be tasting and distributing swag! Strangely, word's not on the Ventiblog yet. Maybe this is a ruse!
Venti's Cafe Basement Bar
Meet The Brewer - New Belgium Brewing
Small Batch Experience
6 - 9p; 29 April 2010

featuring New Belgium Beer Ranger Matt Robertson
merch * beer tasting * info

Anchor News

While we're on the topic of retro, the beeriverse is all a twitter with news a couple days ago that Fritz Maytag had sold Anchor Brewing. Beervana's got a nice reflection and links to other stories.

If the buyers weren't vodka peddlers, there would be less head-scratching. The whiffs of douchebaggery and brand despoiling are stronger than one would like; venerable brands and institutions want caretakers and custodians, you know?

Finally, congratulations to Gilgamesh for winning at the Oregon Garden!

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