Monday, May 24, 2010

Taps around Town

Though the weather's kinda crappy, this week looks especially good for drinking beer in Salem!

Early we thought part of this blog would be a taplist updated by friendly correspondents. The Twitter and the TapLister have rendered that project unnecessary and obsolete. (Hence the greater focus on history, which though helped by the Google, is also complicated by the proliferation of not-always reliable online information and at least for the moment still requires the research, editorial, and interpretive hand of a real human!)

Sometimes we look at the taps in town and just marvel in the difference a year or two has made! This week is one such moment. Maybe the weather is just telling us to stay indoors with friends and family, beer in hand. Thank the beer gods!

We don't give enough love to f/stop Fitzgerald's. Venti's is more to our personal taste, and so we don't pay enough attention to the great things going on over there. Their most recent taplist update? Check this out!
What's on tap: Black Mamba & Filbert Lager from Gilgamesh, Snake Bite Porter from Silver Moon, and Hefeweisse from Baron.
They'll be back on Thursday Wednesday!

And at Venti's, yesterday we got news that they tapped the Sierra 30 Fritz and Ken's Pioneer Stout. You may have heard that Fritz Maytag sold Anchor recently. Tip a pint to Fritz! Venti's also has the Gilgamesh Cranberry Saison and Mad River's Wheat Wine.

What a great range of styles and beers. It's a great time to be a beer drinker in Salem!


  1. ƒ/stop has expanded their hours. They are now open Wednesday through Sunday.

    Friday is the DVD release by local filmmaker Chuck Magee. You can take your imperial pint upstairs to the screening room!

  2. Thanks for the correction!

    We're not on the Facebook (and don't plan to, so the obvious solution isn't applicable!) and we can't see the Magee event. Can you drop another comment with a description of the film?