Monday, July 12, 2010

Forget the OLCC's Lunacy; Let's Revisit Sam Adolph

The Fair's Temperance lunacy reminds us that beer history is both interesting and relevant!

While we have nothing new to say on the OLCC and homebrew (covered adequately first over at the Weekly Brew, Beervana, and now the Statesman via the AP), a glance at the Statesman did turn up a little video about the Adolph Block!

As readers know, Sam Adolph is a matter of interest to us here at CT. In the last couple of weeks we've found some interesting tidbits to add to some of our pieces (here, here, and here).

Steven Lowenstein's book, The Jews of Oregon, 1850-1950, contains nothing on Sam Adolph, and it appears that there is little known about 19th century Jewish residents of Salem. (We found another bit we need to follow up on, however!)

You may recall that Maggie Gardner died upstairs in the Adolph Block. Here's her headstone in the Pioneer Cemetery. Dalrymple was the name of her second husband. She was born in one Salem and died in another.

And here is a video shot in the upstairs of the Adolph Block! (We'll have to see how this goes. Not sure if color and video really belong here. But it is kinda cool to see the upstairs - and to see the "hops" lettering on one of the old office doors!)

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