Saturday, February 5, 2011

Growlers and the Factory Lunch circa 1900

Over in Britain they're calling the Superbowl between the Packers and Steelers "as blue-collar as you could imagine."

Yeah, but while they crash and bash and get concussions, they're still making millions.

A century ago, beer was an essential part of a real blue collar lunch, and beer pails were the forerunner of today's "growlers."

As you fill your growlers for the festivities, think about hard, factory work, child labor, and how far we've come.

McClure's Magazine in 1909 had this great piece, "Beer and the City Liquor Problem." We'll return to it later, but for the moment wanted to share these images of beery lunch service at the factory.

If you're getting growlers for the big football game this weekend, here's a toast to the workingmen who first used them.

Some Growler and Party Details:

Gilgamesh growler details here.

F/Stop usually fills growlers.

Brown's Towne details.

Seven Brides viewing party opens at 11am.

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