Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Mash Note to Salem's Seamy Side, Wednesday at the Library

Though the #Salemia meme seems to be getting all the love lately, there's another way to show your love for Salem.

Valentine's Day is also Oregon's Birthday. And on Wednesday, you can learn about some of the obscurer details of Salem's history.
Going Underground: Learning about Salem’s Tunnels
7 p.m. Wednesday, February 16 in Loucks Auditorium

Beneath the modern sidewalks of Salem lies a hidden world, unknown to most, but revealing to those able to interpret its past and its beginnings. Historian John Ritter, the author of 16 books, is a lifetime resident of Salem and current adjunct professor of History at Linfield College. He will discuss the stories still waiting in the Salem’s underground, where tunnels once linked downtown buildings.

These tunnels have been mostly filled in, but many still exist. Dusty, rusted chains hang as silent witnesses to a bustling business, long gone. Conveyor belts and wooden structures are still there for the intrepid explorer, as well as empty bins and lockers. Tunnels give silent witness to those who lived and worked in their depths.

The program is free and open to the public. More information is available from John Ritter at
(It's interesting how the library's blurb is perhaps a bit neutered!)

You know we appreciate the untold history of Salem!

(Ritter in hat and glasses: Thomas Patterson, Statesman)

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  1. After leaving Salem Ma, it seems you guys out west have some tunnels built by them. I just went on the Salem Tunnel Tour ( in Massachusetts and I am looking forward in take yours!