Monday, December 5, 2011

Ventis Taphouse Hosts Holiday Seasonal Taste-Off

Last summer you might remember the Best of the West IPA Bowl. It seemed unwieldy to us, and we didn't make much of a brew-ha-ha about it. And indeed it went on waaaay too long.

But Venti's executed a course-correction, and v2 looks great!

The Brew-Ho-Ho is a four round set of four beers. The same 16 beer draw, but half the number of rounds and twice the beer in each round. Win!

It's also much more interesting to get away from the IPA, same-ol', same-ol' thing.

Nicely turned!

At Venti's Downtown

Meanwhile, at the other Venti outpost, on Wednesday,
Venti’s Basement Bar at the Cafe and New Belgium Beer Ranger Mat Robertson will be hosting a New Belgium Brewing Party December 7th from 6PM to close featuring six rare New Belgium Beers: New Belgium Lips of Faith Fresh Hop IPA, Lips of Faith Super Cru Belgian Strong, Lips of Faith Prickly Passion Saison, Snow Day Winter CDA, Lips of Faith “La Fleur Misseur?” Belgian Pale Ale and Abbey Dubbel.
That's a solid beer week in Salem!

UPDATED: Repeal Day

Fiddlesticks! Almost forgot about Repeal Day.

Toast the 78th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition! Today is Repeal Day, December 5th, the date in 1933 the states and nation formally ratified the 21st Amendment.

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