Monday, February 27, 2012

Taproom at Adams Rib and Pliny the Younger at Ventis

We aren't the first to comment on this, but the design of Pliny the Younger uses one of the most loathed fonts in the universe.

We suppose it's to pose a childlike contrast with the Elder, but "triple IPA" is not for kids! (Nor for us, either - it's the Arnold Schwarzenegger of IPAs, hypertrophied and overwrought for our palate. But it has its fans!)

If you're-a hankering for either of the Plinys or other sought-after beers from Russian River, Ventis has you covered. (Though we think they are pressing the hype and cult of exclusivity a wee bit too far, hint, hint!)

It's great to see Eat Salem with more beer! Since we regularly get distracted with our historical divagations, we postponed a note on Adam's Rib new taproom - and a tip of the pint to Eat Salem for the scoop. (Though the post disappeared for a while, now it seems to be back.)

In any event, check out the new beer tapitude at the Rib!

Update! Venti's is offering french press dry hopping for $10. Several different kinds of hops are available, so you can go from piney to floral to citrusy as you please. Get a group of friends! It may not be something to do regularly, but as a bit of tableside pub theatre, and a way to explore the taste of different hops, it's a terrific gustatory game.

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