Friday, February 24, 2012

Gilgamesh Opening and Post Office Closing is Reason to Pout in our Pints

The Good News is Gilgamesh is having a Grand Opening! Eat Salem has photos of the space (in color!) and the musical lineup:
Friday Night starting at 7 will be JAMALIA
Saturday Night starting at 9 will be SUCCULENT DISH
Saturday Night at 10 will be PORCHES
But geez, the Post Office news is a bummer.

Just consider the Burggraf letters from the Civil War.

Almost exactly 150 years ago John G. Burggraf wrote about Ft. Donelson, an important early engagement for Ulysses S. Grant.

It's a sad one.
Fort Donnelson Feb 21st 1862
Dear Eliza and Children
This is the first oppertunity I have to write to you since we came here I can say after all the exposure we had in the last week I am well and I hope this may find you the same we had a very hard time of it in the last week lying out in the woods for 4 days and 3 nights without any Shelter in rain and snow and mud up to our knees no one can disscribe the horrers of this battle field withe the pen The dead and woonted lying around for 6 or 7 miles by hunderts I went thrue the Town of Dover [?] is in the fort day before yesterday and went in some 20 or 30 houses and found in every one of them Dead or wounted and legs and arms lying round in the streets and dogs knoing on them The sesesh are very sory thay have bin caut in this snap I have heard a good many say that thay would join us if we wood let them I think the next time you will here from me we will be [?] where alec for thair will be a forward movement somewhere in a day or too but where I know not I am writing this letter on a fine desk I captured in Town and I brout it to our tent for the Col Pease to write when we want any thing I can find it all we have to doo is to take it it aught to be a terrer to the sesesh to see us come but I hop we will not have to go much further before thair will be a settlement made I will send a knife home which I captured of wich thay most all have to cary to kill us with but thay dit them not much good You can get more information from Mrs Pease of the battle from Col Peases letters and from Logan when I first saw him I had just got up in the morning to get breakfast and he eat breakfast with us you may beleafe me I was glad to see him here I don't know nothing more to write at present only my prayer is that if it the will of God we may all meet in that social family circle once mor and praise him for his kind care offer us and that we may life more for him then before and tell the children that thay must obay you and be good and obedient
no more at present your
Affectionate Husband
J.G. Burggraf
Email and social media just aren't going to make up for the loss of letters, their handy gestures, and the paper itself!

We'll be pouting in plentiful pints.

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