Thursday, February 16, 2012

Zwickelmania Avoids Salem; Gilgamesh Rumors

Saturday is Zwickelmania! But once again, Salem area brewers are on the sidelines.

You'll have to go south to Corvallis or north to McMinnville for the nearest participating breweries.

Check the full list and set your itinerary here!

Gilgamesh with new Tap Room?

Also, there are rumors that Gilgamesh has finally landed in a new spot downtown! Stay tuned.


  1. It's official:

    "The Gilgamesh Lounge- Soft opening tonight, 5pm 210 Liberty, Suite 150 (across from the grand hotel) Open invitation, bring friends"

  2. Yes! I was there for 2 beers (the Filbert Lager & the Pumphouse Copper), and it was fun -- totally beats the Reed Opera House location and the unfortunate plastic cups. I look forward to seeing how they develop the new space; it's large, with room for music, and a kitchen that, for the moment, is out of commission but could be a big draw with the right menu. Plus, it's just downstairs from Salem FM....

  3. Absent of any official push, Zwickelmania occurred at Pop Up art gallery in the Salem Center mall. Scheduled to start at 4pm, the first patrons were slaked at 1pm.
    We poured 4 from Pale Horse (Hillbilly, Hopjack, Amber and Stout) and 3 from Gilgamesh (Vader, Mega Mamba and Double IPA). The verdict? Stout and Double IPA were the most popular and about 30 people gave two thumbs up to drinking beer in the mall.

  4. Beer in the Mall?! Now that's a Capital Idea!

    As for Gilgamesh, luring visitors from the hotel and conference center across that nasty road, that too is Capital! Glad to hear others say it improves upon the Reed, too! (And the prospects of drunk DJing sound grand....)