Thursday, June 4, 2009

Captured by Porches; Imprisoned by IPAs

Enough with the IPAs already! Jared is tired of them! I'm tired of them. Even the brewers are tired of them.
"It’s not hard to sell IPA in this town,"
"We have to make rent and the IPA is great for that but I still want to make some interesting stuff."
IPAs are boring! Commercial! Mainstream!

Who said these things? Dylan Goldsmith, the brewer for Captured by Porches, seemingly the newest hot thing, that's who.

Capured by Porches is everywhere! Portland Food and Drink, home of Food Dude, has an interview with brewer Dylan Goldsmith. Willamette Week has a profile.

And Venti's has had the IPA, "Invasive Species IPA." Ross had some a few nights ago - how was it?

Anyway, it's practically summer! It's sweltering! I want to ask Venti's to change it up! (Though an all bird set of tap handles would be mighty amusing, come to think of it!)

What did they have on tap recently? A bunch of big fall and winter beers! Lompoc Strong Draft, Ninkasi Tricerahops Double IPA, Southern Oregon Brewing Porter - all beers for cold and rain! (Last night's deluge was not normal.)

(Though the Wandering Aengus was nice, as Rebekah noted!)

It's time for the sunny, summer beers! Lighter even than the IPAs and hoppy "pale ales."

Dino, how about inviting some of these "non-invasive" draughts: Kolsch. Wit beer. Golden Ale. Pilsner. Blonde Ale. Saison. Berliner Weisse.

Just some ideas...Prost!


  1. Hey, thanks for the mention! I agree with you. It's time for light and refreshing, summery beers. Something to cool you down, not bog you down. Yay for pale ales! :)

  2. Invasive worked, tasted a little green. Had the Ft George oatmeal pale ale upstairs during First Wednesday and like the fact that it didn't assault me like Invasive.

    Have you reviewed Pale Horse out of South Salem yet? Their Hillbilly Blonde may be what you're looking for, although I thought it came up short.

  3. IPAs always taste kind of chemically to me. Guess I'm a Weizenbier kind of gal.

  4. Yes on the wheat beers! (And not American Hefes - which tend towards a Heifer stolidness!)