Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Fun

Memento mori, the loneliness of prickly politicians, historic floods - maybe too much tempus fugit and all that?

A fluffy, confectionary interlude, then! (Or is that frothy?)

Thursday night the Ignite party shows up at Northern Lights Theatre and Pub. On Thursday, June 18th Ignite Salem #1 will flare - up or out! One of the presentations looks particularly interesting to CT:

Salem History - The Darkside
Elizabeth Schulte

This weekend in McMinnville is the Oregon Brews and BBQ festival. It benefits Habitat for Humanity. In honor of Father's Day, on Saturday dudes get in free from noon to 2pm!

How about the first songs of summer? Grab a cold one!

The Phoenix record is great, but I'm pretty sure I won't be listening to it again next summer. Like Cut Copy from last summer, it's candy.

Bitte Orca, on the other hand, is brilliant. Just google it and listen. Or read about it first, and then listen. I have nothing interesting to say about it other than than just go listen already.

(Top Image: Jaime Hernandez)

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