Friday, June 5, 2009

Seven Brides Interview and Venti's New Taplist Sign

Over at Brewpublic, Angelo's got a great interview with Chief Raconteur and Sales Officer Jeff DeSantis of Seven Brides Brewing. Since CT has a special interest in history, we'll nitpick that Homer Davenport is not the founder of Silverton, but rather was an important political cartoonist at the turn of the last century. He was also one of the Geers, an important pioneer family who settled the Waldo Hills in 1847/8 and have left us Geercrest farm and former Governor T.T. Geer (1899-1903).

(Apparently no one else finds it odd that the manufacturer of an adult beverage is named after seven who can legally neither drink the product nor marry...)

Go read it!

On the Ventiblog, Leslie writes:
Just so ya know, Venti’s is working on making our current beer selection more accessible, i.e. at the cafe. My dad built a really cool sign where we can post selection. We will do our best to update it. The sign is located on the brick wall by the stairs in the main dining area. My dad is working on a sign for the basement. We estimate 7-10 days for completion.

We plan to keep beer selection info in house versus posting it online to entice people to walk in the door. This might change. But for now, at least, our sign is a much welcomed addition to our already great establishment.

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