Friday, June 19, 2009

Solstice Suds at Venti's

The Ventifeed is exploding the internets! If you haven't noticed that they're tweeting the taplist, check it out in the sidebar - and subscribe!

Then, summer beers on the Ventiblog! Leslie writes about a Solstice celebration on Saturday:
Hail the Sun’s latest Northernmost Approach

Venti’s Basement Beer Bar from 4P, Saturday, 20 June 2009, enjoy your first 12 ounce Sunshiny / Bright Oregon Beer at an amazingly low price:

* Bridgeport Brewing Company, Portland, Haymaker - Extra Pale Ale
* Cascade Lake Brewery, Redmond, Blonde Bomb Shell - Golden Ale
* Full Sail Brewing Company, Hood River LTD 02 - Helles Pale Lager

At Salem’s Latitude / Longitude, Summer Solstice begins at 1045P PST Saturday, 20 June 2009; 0545 Greenwich Mean Time
But wait! There's more. They've got a glowing LCD (I vote they rename it the LTD Beer Monitor) display for their bottle list. Check out the visuals!

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