Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sometimes Historic Preservation Drives You to Drink

We were out the other day and saw this notice for a public hearing. Much of Salem's downtown is in a historic district, and this means that you gotta ask permission to make changes.

The Grand Theater is, of course, one of the neater elements of downtown. It's not in fact all that ornate or grand, but unlike the old City Hall, it is one of Walter D. Pugh's remaining buildings. And its interior remains useful, a great place for folk music and chamber pop.

But, you know, just a half dozen or so blocks to the south, the Blind School's gonna get demolished.

We suppose it's possible that a solar installation could be an eyesore and building-ruiner, but who's gonna see it, at least from street level?

Meanwhile, at the Deaf School, "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is doing all kinds of wacky stuff & stunt without a hearing.

Anyway, at some level we think there's a missing sense of proportionality, you know?

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