Monday, September 27, 2010

Typographer, OSU Marine Biologist win MacArthurs

The MacArthur "genius" grants are out, and a typographer, Matthew Carter, and an OSU marine biologist, Kelly Benoit-Bird, are among the 23 winners.

Carter's types are everywhere! Here's a Boston Globe piece from last week and the British Council on Carter.

Don't know a thing about Benoit-Bird, but she's a local! Her faculty page says:
In the ocean, most resources are heterogeneously distributed and highly dynamic. I am interested in how changes in resources over time and space affect trophic, competitive, and behavioral interactions of oceanic organisms. Because these interactions occur primarily below the surface waters, I am using a combination of remote techniques, including passive acoustics, active acoustics, and imaging optics complemented by net trawls to observe and quantify resource patterns. These data are used to generate and test energetic and behavioral models and to directly elucidate the importance of temporal and spatial structure in biotic relationships.
(Well, maybe she's not a writer...Paging Lewis Thomas!)

The research and specialties of the winners are fascinating. Take a moment to google someone and something new!

Anyway, to the winners a toast: Prost!

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