Thursday, September 16, 2010

Weekend Fun: Oktoberfest, Septoberfest, Gilgamesh Dinner

[updated with Septoberfest] The weather is, if not exactly crappy, then certainly taking a turn to fall. But other beery diversions await!

All weekend: The Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel.

Saturday: Gilgamesh Dinner. It's in an RV Park, which is kinda odd, but that's apparently the home base for Loustic Catering.

UPDATE: Oh, yeah! Seven Brides has Septoberfest. Thanks to K&N for the reminder!

Confidential to Gilgamesh: Next time see if you can do the dinner in an old hall or church near a hops field!

(Hops Picking Portrait courtesy of the Oregon State Library)

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