Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Andrew Sullivan + Amicus Brief Makes Talk Tonight Essential!

Not sure why this isn't blowing up!*

Some readers may know that late yesterday a bunch of influential Republicans filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in favor of gay marriage.

Andrew Sullivan has been out in front with the conservative case for gay marriage at least since his landmark essay in 1989.

Andrew Sullivan is speaking tonight at Willamette University.

This could be electrifying!  It is hardly possible for the combination of topic and current events to be more timely!

From the press release (written last month before this all went down):
On Feb. 26, the Atkinson Lecture Series will feature Andrew Sullivan, a writer and commentator NPR calls “one of the most widely read, influential and prolific political voices online.”
Smith Auditorium opens at 6:30 p.m. for the 7:30 p.m. presentation, “Knowing (and Loving) Thine Enemy: Gays, Conservatives and Common Ground.”

"Gays are fully part of our world and it is conservative to integrate them into mainstream society - through marriage equality and full access to military service," Sullivan writes. "Such reforms contribute to the conservative values of family, personal responsibility, mutual support, and service to a greater good. There is no contradiction here."

After the lecture, Sullivan will answer questions from the audience and sign copies of his books, which will be available for sale in the lobby.

Tickets are available online or in the Putnam University Center beginning Feb. 11. General admission tickets are $15. Students, faculty, staff can reserve one free ticket and buy additional tickets for $5. Alumni may purchase $10 tickets through The Compass.
And here are some of Sullivan's own quick thoughts on it.

This should be a big deal.  We are in the midst of a real moment in civil rights history.  Tip a pint to history, will you?

*Oh wait, we do, actually...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tour Salem's Breweries on the Zwickelmania Shuttle Bus this Saturday

Praise the Lord and Pass the Pint! God wanted us to be happy, and He provided us with Beer.  The monks called it "liquid bread," you know.

Zwickelmania Map and Bus Times
Zwickelmania, that celebration of Oregon's birthday and its Beer and Breweries, finally has reached Salem. It happens from 11am to 4pm at five of Salem's breweries.

Shuttle Bus Schedule:
Pale Horse Brewing: 2359 Hyacinth Street NE, Salem Oregon 97301 11:15, 12:50, 2:25, 4:00
McMenamins Thompson Brewery: 3575 Liberty Rd S, Salem, OR 97302 11:40, 1:15, 2:50
Gilgamesh Brewing: 2065 SE Madrona Ave., Salem Oregon 97302 11:55, 1:30, 3:05
Santiam Brewing: 2544 SE 19th St SE, Salem OR 97302 12:10, 1:45, 3:20
Ram Restaurant & Brewery: 515 12th St SE, Salem, OR 97301 12:25, 2:00, 3:35

Zwickelmania has already taken root in Portland, Eugene, the Bend area and elsewhere, and it's great to see Salem finally join the list. 

After sampling - make sure you have a designated driver! It does no good to ride the shuttle only to get behind the wheel after a pleasant afternoon of drinking.