Thursday, May 16, 2013

Salemis and Salem Fires

Over at Salemis, Chris Hagan's got a neat story on fires and the buildings Salem has lost.  In the note on the Guardian building, he links to our own note on architect Fred Legg.  Glad to see Fred get some notice!

Fire, State Hotel and Schreiber Block, State Street
Salem Library Historic Photo Collection
There is some uncertainty, however on the date
see note below
Here's some other stories involving the sites of Salem fires - including some Chris discusses from a different angle.  In many cases there are empty lots where once buildings stood.

McMahan's Furniture

Oregon State Capitol

Bligh Hotel and Schreiber Block

Peerless Bakery and Chinese Tea Garden

Waters Field, Salem Senators, Hillsboro Hops

The Fire Bell, and Confusion on "Bell Tower" Brothel