Monday, April 22, 2013

Oregon Garden Brewfest Gets More Interesting Every Year

The Oregon Garden Brewfest is this weekend. Every year it gets better, and this year is no exception!

Here's the list of breweries. The New School has the list of beers (which isn't on the brewfest's own site, strangely enough).  There's a pretty good range of beers from "crafty" macro-brew clones, to beers that will interest the geekiest of beer geeks.  And the middle is represented pretty well too.

At the door admission is $15 per person, and includes admission to the Garden, a commemorative glass beer mug, and five tasting tickets. (They don't say the cost of additional tastes.) Other packages are included as well.

Opens at noon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Have a designated driver, or stay at a hotel in taxi/stumbling distance!