Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Art Brut, now Frank Black - Hell Freezes Over

In twin blows for Salem culture, The Space continues to book shows of significant acts you'd never expect to see in Salem, and the Statesman actually covers them.

I just could not believe it when I saw Frank Black's mug on the front page this morning.

Frank Black's / Black Francis's new band, Grand Duchy, will be appearing at The Space tonight. Go drink some beer, and stimulate the economy and your ears.

Sample Grand Duchy here.

Check out Art Brut v. Salem here. (Go back to the entries in December for more on one outsider's take on our fair community.)


  1. I know, right! This is a big deal. But did you notice the story was about his family life?

  2. I did! It was a red-letter day, because reading the Statesman took more time than the Oregonian.

    It was exciting to see Black's face, and then to see the photo from the Coffee House Cafe. I wondered, too, if Grand Duchy might be more Violet's band than his - but that naturally for PR purposes you'd lead with the more famous name. I've liked K. Williams Brown's pieces.

    In any case, I know I'm guilty of "Frank Black" shorthand here. But I didn't want to write a long post.

    The other Statesman story that excited me was the announcement about Project Space II. The Livesley Building was funded by a hops fortune! That's beer money!

    So I'm trying to think about beer art. Any ideas?

  3. I felt the same way. I guess Kelly (K. Williams Brown) might add some flavuh to the usual statesman stuff. She's been there since june or so.

    Beer art. As in, art inspired by beer? Depicting beer? or mixing beer and art? I used to go to this shop in Munich that sold wine and books, but they never would tell me what should be paired with what.