Sunday, April 5, 2009

Round-Up: A New Brewery, a Music Festival, the Honest Pint

Over at Eat Salem there's a funny - both funny odd and funny ha-ha - review of Johnny's at 17th & Center. I haven't been there, but the review doesn't make it sound very appealing!

More interestingly, a helpful tipster scared up a new brewery in Salem! Pale Horse Brewing just joined the Salem Chamber of Commerce and is just getting going with a few accounts in Salem. Haven't tasted the beer yet, but Hillbilly Blond sounds all too alluring! Portland Brewing did Stumptown Tart, so I guess Salem gets Hillbilly Blond!

In other news, the Cherry City Music Festival gets going next weekend. The line up is pretty staggering. Well over 100 bands, and I can't imagine someone wouldn't find some kind of music of interest. There's indie rock, hip-hop, bluegrass...maybe not every style, but it's pretty darn catholic.

Seven Brides out of Silverton will be helping with some of the afterparty refreshment, I understand. The festival needs volunteers, so if you'd like to help out, sign up here.

The proposed Honest Pint law continues to get coverage. Oregonian article here, the Register-Guard here, and a KATU piece (via Beervana).

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